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Gastronomic hoods

Śledzimy zmieniające się potrzeby naszych Klientów, po to by sprostać oczekiwaniom nawet tych najbardziej wymagających.
Dokładamy wszelkich starań, aby dostępne w naszej ofercie okapy gastronomiczne wyróżniały się najwyższą jakością, niezawodnością i ergonomią.
Produkowane są ze stali kwasoodpornej w technologii wykluczającej występowanie miejsc trudno dostępnych. Zapewnia to łatwość utrzymana okapu w czystości i gwarancję higieny.

Available colors:

Vilpe® fan

  • Models with various power and motor efficiency
  • Suitable for each kind of roof and ventilation duct
  • 5 years warranty
  • Wide range of colors
  • Removable hat of roof fan
  • Work efficiently in all conditions
    from -30°C to + 80°C (temp. constant)
    from -40°C to +120°C (temp. temporary)
  • Equipped with thermal insulation to prevent condensation of water vapor
Wentylator dachowy Vilpe®

High class engine and aerodynamic construction of the head constitute of extraordinary efficiency VILPE® roof fan. It is matched to a standard size of ducts and ventilation pipes, easy to use and easy to install, regardless of the type of roofing material.
P-type roof fans are mounted on the roof, together with the suitable pass-through, can be installed on all roofs with the most common roof slopes (max. 50 degrees).

S-type roof fans are designed for installation on ducts in a horizontal plane. They therefore constitute a good solution for roofs with low slope and mounted on existing ducts for natural ventilation.
Roof fans VILPE® stands durability (outer casing is made of high quality polypropylene), high resistance to mechanical damage and harsh weather conditions. Regardless of temperature and climatic conditions (tested in both arctic and tropical) fans are working very well. Lifetime roof fans VILPE® dating back 15-20 years. The motors are long-lived and rarely fail. Our offer includes a wide range of models, sizes and power fans, allowing them proper selection adapted to the requirements of ventilation of the building.


Visualisation of the hood:

Recommended models fan for the Gastronomic hoods hood

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approximate of the maximum fan capacity (for the loss of compression 50 Pa, equivalent to the length of the ventilation duct between the hood and the fan on the roof approx. 5 mb)

Hood - technical dataMore

The dimensions of the cooker hood, the type of materials used and the type and efficiency roof fan VILPE® are selected according to individual customer needs. For this purpose, please contact our sales department.

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Fan - technical dataMore

In this system, we recommend models:
Vilpe E220 ECo
max. capacity ok. 900 m3/h*
Vilpe E250 ECo
max. capacity ok. 1200 m3/h*

* indicative of performance for the highest engine speed (for a pressure drop of 50 Pa and the sample length of vent pipe between the eaves and the fan on the roof approx. 5mb)